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gulf of thailand diving cruise. Liveaboard dive cruises in the gulf of thailand. experience koh samui, koh tao, sail rock and angthong national marine park, koh kra and koh losin in a complete luxury scuba diving adventure package.
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Samui International Diving School and Planet Scuba Provides Liveaboard Diving Cruises.

Thailand does not require a visa for tourists staying up to 30 days.


The local currency is the Baht. The exchange rate is about US$1.- = Baht 44.-, but due to the strong currency fluctuations now occurring in South East Asia this can change quickly. Hotels restaurants and shops accept all the major credit cards.


Local time in Thailand is 7 hours ahead of UTC (GMT).


In Thailand 220 Volts, 50 Hz is standard. On board Ocean Rover we have both 220V / 50Hz and 110V / 60Hz available. The 110V is only in the camera charging area.


Health services in Thailand are excellent with modern equipped hospitals in all major towns. Most of the country is free of malaria, cholera and other serious diseases. However, it is always prudent to check if your vaccinations are still up to date. Normal precautions with food will keep you out of trouble. Be sure to drink only bottled water.


Thai is the official language but nearly all Thais that work in the tourism industry speak English. Make sure you speak slowly and clearly without too many colloquialisms and people will understand you just fine. Thais believe that the least we can do for our fellow man is to smile and be polite. If you maintain the same attitude during your stay in Thailand, you’ll have a wonderful time.


In all the tourist resorts shorts and T-shirts are acceptable attire. At night as well, although "smart-casual" is preferred in the better eating places. Jackets and ties are not required anywhere. Ladies are expected to dress appropriately when visiting temples.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy led by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Royal Family has earned the love and respect of the entire nation and is held in the highest esteem. Visitors to the country are expected to treat the Royal Family with respect.


Nearly all Thais are Buddhists. A small percentage are Muslim (mainly in the south) and some are Christians, Hindus or Confucianists. Tolerance towards religion is symbolized by the fact that the King is the Protector of All Faiths.